Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ted Day 1.

Welp on account of Anthrocon I finally got to hella busy with my job-art and lost sketchbet. However! I want to get back into the habit of drawing one me-thing per day so... after stream today I indulged in doodling Ted. I think I shall try to spend at least a little time everyday drawing something related to Ted in general or my comic about him in particular and I will post it here.

Adulthood: where buying a doughnut and beer was the highlight of your day.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Month 2, Day 18.

Designed two custom preorders for sketchbooks today, but then for sketchbet also designed another for-fun-premade-to-sell one. This time of a wolf and from behind because I needed more butt in my day.

Gonna color her with dark browns etc because I am partial to black wolves~

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Month 2, Day 17.

Fawks. Yeah idk I'll draw better things for sketchbet again after contime is over. :P

Month 2, Day 16.

Still haven't slept yet - the usual. Man I am going to be so glad when everything for Anthrocon is ready and the endless tired is behind me.

I remembered I had to sketchblort and briefly pondered ribs and pelvises which I should do more thoroughly sometime again yes.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Month 2, Day 15.

Super quick and fail contemplation of what it is that makes Amy Acker so adorable.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Month 2, Day 14.

Anime dude for Fanart Friday that Mere picked as a subject. Just look at that pointy motherfucker. Guess he must be the origin of the Dirk shades. And then for Saturday, a random creepin' lurcherface. Perpetrated out and about on the go in my tiny sketchbook obvs. Been busy busy busy.

These are both officially doneee mostly heyyy. I have a few things to tweek on both and then a few more things to do to finish formatting those dang dogtag necklaces then off to the printers they go.

So many big paintings worked on and speedypaints and bluh on top of the con stuff. My hand keeps going numb. Been doing kind of 18 hour days, have outright skipped two nights of sleep this week so far. /qq more haha

Off to go frame shopppinnnng now.