Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ted Day 1.

Welp on account of Anthrocon I finally got to hella busy with my job-art and lost sketchbet. However! I want to get back into the habit of drawing one me-thing per day so... after stream today I indulged in doodling Ted. I think I shall try to spend at least a little time everyday drawing something related to Ted in general or my comic about him in particular and I will post it here.

Adulthood: where buying a doughnut and beer was the highlight of your day.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Month 2, Day 18.

Designed two custom preorders for sketchbooks today, but then for sketchbet also designed another for-fun-premade-to-sell one. This time of a wolf and from behind because I needed more butt in my day.

Gonna color her with dark browns etc because I am partial to black wolves~

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Month 2, Day 17.

Fawks. Yeah idk I'll draw better things for sketchbet again after contime is over. :P

Month 2, Day 16.

Still haven't slept yet - the usual. Man I am going to be so glad when everything for Anthrocon is ready and the endless tired is behind me.

I remembered I had to sketchblort and briefly pondered ribs and pelvises which I should do more thoroughly sometime again yes.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Month 2, Day 15.

Super quick and fail contemplation of what it is that makes Amy Acker so adorable.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Month 2, Day 14.

Anime dude for Fanart Friday that Mere picked as a subject. Just look at that pointy motherfucker. Guess he must be the origin of the Dirk shades. And then for Saturday, a random creepin' lurcherface. Perpetrated out and about on the go in my tiny sketchbook obvs. Been busy busy busy.

These are both officially doneee mostly heyyy. I have a few things to tweek on both and then a few more things to do to finish formatting those dang dogtag necklaces then off to the printers they go.

So many big paintings worked on and speedypaints and bluh on top of the con stuff. My hand keeps going numb. Been doing kind of 18 hour days, have outright skipped two nights of sleep this week so far. /qq more haha

Off to go frame shopppinnnng now.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Month 2, Day 13.

This + commission things that don't count; 5 hours of a new poetry cover art, lots of time into the BSG piece, etc.

So last night some friends of mine and I were talking about MBTIs and I'm an ENFP andddd examples of ENFPs in fiction happen to include Captain Kirk, Pinkie Pie, and Aang. I am falling asleep because still haven't slept and can no longer draw but HERE YOU GO will have to do this for reals another time.

Month 2, Day 12.

I was going to draw something else but then an interesting moth thing.

Still haven't slept. I am so tired it literally hurts. Kind of want to cry I want sleep so badly bluh I am such a dolt. ;_; Meeting a customer in stream though. I hate letting people down. Just gotta function a little bit longer.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Month 2, Day 11.

HAVEN't slept not sure I plan on it TOOK A BREAK TO DOODLE FOR SKETCHBLART back to painting stuff nao.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Month 2, Day 10.

I haven't gone to bed yeeet for me it is still Mondaaay.

Thing I did of my own free will after my commission streamage and such. Closeee to done but still not quite bluh. But the sun has been up for over an hour now, I should get some zzzzs before my next stream in 5 hours from now.

Aaaawyis self important dawg with laser beam eyes. Ok sleep.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Month 2, Day 9.

Digitally designing the compositions for these sketchbook covers I am painting before I paint them, since it's rather hard to sketch on the cover material and I have to go right to paint. Helps to draw it first. This one is a fawks, 'cause furries do love their fawkses.

Transfer process:

Printed out dat fawks, then carbonized the back of the paper with a B4 graphite stick. (Nice and soft.)

Taped to the sketchbook with masking tape.

Traced image over with a ballpoint pen for pressure, and bam. Ghost of my sketch now on book.

And then painting:

First gold paint because sketchbook bling.

Red + yellow + raw sienna.

Titanium white + a smidgen of raw sienna.

Burnt sienna + black details, along with some burnt sienna + white etc. Starting shadings.

More details and some green eyes annnd done. Now hopefully someone buys this bugger at the con. c:

Month 2, Day 7 & 8.

Welp dat badge in the last post was my Thursday, and then I took Friday as my day off.

So to make up for Friday:

It was #FanartFriday and I picked Infested Kerrigan for the art jam. So yep, have some Queen of Blades. One of my earliest childhood crushes. I wish I could spend more time drawing this sexy lady but I am exhausted, too busy drawing to draw, etc.

And then for Saturday:

Doodled a super toony version of my lurchery self. Accurate, heh.

I seem to have stopped paying attention to midnights long ago and am going with the "if I haven't slept yet it is still the same day" philosophy...

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Month 2, Day 6.

Drawing one of Jonneh's characters for one of my example badges. Just gotta ink it and add paint highlights. Yarr. Gonna do digital example badges and painted sketchbooks this weekend.

Edit: Here's what it looks like done.

Month 2, Day 5.

Pondering more postcard designs. I was thinking of doing some feral pride and taur pride type shenanigans. I'll think on this more when I'm more awake.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Month 2, Day 4.

Today I worked on three big paintings and did a 2 hour speedpaint and actually went in and sketched all these from their thumbnails ugh. My sketch bet for a bit is going to be the Anthrocon prep that I do on top of my normal commission load because yeah I've been drawing/painting for 16 hours straight bite me.

EDIT: Just in case, here is a drawing of a butt:

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Month 2, Day 3.

So, Anthrocon is coming up...

Not commission work, so it's legit, things I'm planning of my own free will, if to print and sell. >_> My commission work for the day was picking away at a big dragon painting in stream for several hours.

Anyway, I have a potential 12 postcard designs planned. I'm going to tackle them four at a time because I am not optimistic about finishing all 12 for the con on top of normal commission work. Mostly I'm going to be printing pre-existing pieces and doing premades, but I did want some prints specific for the con.

4 are parodies, 4 are beverage themed, 4 are general furry themes. This first set of thumbnails is for the parody set.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Month 2, Day 2.

"Hey, come on. I think you look great."

Galen helps Ted with his self esteem difficulties. Idk I am really tired. Had no coffee today, so it's very bed time. >_<

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Month 2, Day 1.

I guess every 30 days constitutes a month? So, rolllllloverrrr.

Tonight = beeeeer. Weirdness I scribbled together without undersketching. SKETCHBET IRONY.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Month 1, Day 30.

Fanart Friday Sketchbet. Zeek picked Commander Shepherd so here's a femshep.

I don't actually know anything about Mass Effecttt yet lalala. I need to play it sometime.

Month 1, Day 29.

Well, that escalated quickly.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Month 1, Day 26.

Tits and bears. Drawn on Jonneh's phone, haha.

Month 1, Day 25.

Ted reading. Time taken: 5 repeats of the song "Fatboy Slim is Fucking in Heaven" so uh... I guess about 20 minutes.

Guys I have decided that all I want in life is to write, draw Ted (and also maybe toilets), and drink beer. Can...can someone make that happen for me.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Month 1, Day 24.

So after stream I got yoinked to the usual Monday viewing of stuff and so here are the photos I took of doodles with my phon-- whoa what is even happening here. Tries to draw a character, fails. Haha.

I spent the time experimenting with style, like what happens when I simplify. Also pondering things about a character related to Ted's story.

More style experimenting. Drawing in more detail vs drawing very simply? Observation that the simpler, the more inherent cute factor.

Besides that today I just worked on commissions, so yarr. That's all.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Month 1, Day 23.

Doodles from today - or at least, the ones I thought to capture with my phone and share for sketchbet, there were more. Lots of crappity crap. When I try to avoid use of my tablet to be socially "polite" I just wind up doodling a million tiny derpy things instead of working on one big productive thing. I HAVE A COMPULSION. I cannot stop. People perceive attention paid to a glowing screen as more secluding than doodling in real media, though, for whatever reason, so use of my tablet pc is a greater degree of rude. Or so I've been told.

Month 1, Day 22.

Then here's what I had tweeted for today:

Our friend Shia randomly stopped by, so I drew him. Despite a very activity-packed day, also stuck in working on two commissions, so... this was the only non-commission thing I drew today. Yarr.