Sunday, June 16, 2013

Month 2, Day 9.

Digitally designing the compositions for these sketchbook covers I am painting before I paint them, since it's rather hard to sketch on the cover material and I have to go right to paint. Helps to draw it first. This one is a fawks, 'cause furries do love their fawkses.

Transfer process:

Printed out dat fawks, then carbonized the back of the paper with a B4 graphite stick. (Nice and soft.)

Taped to the sketchbook with masking tape.

Traced image over with a ballpoint pen for pressure, and bam. Ghost of my sketch now on book.

And then painting:

First gold paint because sketchbook bling.

Red + yellow + raw sienna.

Titanium white + a smidgen of raw sienna.

Burnt sienna + black details, along with some burnt sienna + white etc. Starting shadings.

More details and some green eyes annnd done. Now hopefully someone buys this bugger at the con. c:

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