Monday, May 13, 2013

Month 1, Day 3.

Today I decided to do a bit of character study on my accidental demon character, Ted.

I spent over an hour on this, not sure exactly how long.

I spent several hours last night reading some interesting advice on the subject of developing clear story structure, and wound up determining a lot more about Ted as a character. Ted's species is non-gendered. They hop dimensions to the human version of Earth on a regular basis as part of a religious rite in which humans are consumed, and their skins are brought back and worn as status symbols. From an early age, Ted is uninterested in participating, instead sneaking off to spend what time they can watching human sitcoms. Through them Ted becomes fascinated with the female gender. Ted purposefully botches their Coming of Age ceremony, bringing home a rubber costume mask rather than a real human pelt, is expelled from their dimension, and settles down to live on the human-Earth.

His first story arc will center around a murder mystery of sorts, though I won't spoil what I am planning since I want people to... well, read it, theoretically. Look at it. Whatever you properly term experiencing a comic.

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