Sunday, May 19, 2013

Month 1, Day 8.

I've been designing the other characters that are part of Ted's story. A few days ago I designed Ted's best friend Galen, and as a result have had a much easier time fleshing him out writing-wise. Seeing a character makes them more concrete in my brainmeats, apparently.

So currently I've been working on two girls that Ted meets while at a convention, Sally and Cynthia.When he first meets them they are cosplaying Faith and Buffy from BtVS, which is how I'm drawing them on the left there. Drawing is not done yet, still going to be working into this tonight, but it's almost midnight so I have to post for sketchbet purposes.

Ted goes to the convention in the first place because Galen is trying to convince him to get out more, but as a big green demon thing that can be... problematic. At a comic con, though, Ted just looks like some sort of very elaborate cosplay himself! Social medium for a demon go.

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