Saturday, May 18, 2013

Month 1, Days 6 & 7.

Alright hey! So Thursday I streamed painting commissions until almost 3 AM on Friday and then had other work to do after, and consequently took Thursday as my one-allowed day off. Therefore, I had to draw two different things today!

This is my make-up for Thursday. Well deserved beer after a long week.

Doodled in about 20 minutes, while drinking real beer and awaiting food.
As documented on twitter. Also, I drew these 6 hours ago and tweeted them on technically Friday because I was out of the house and no internet accessible otherwise. Legit. (It's past 2 AM on Saturday now and we just got home.)

Then for #FanartFriday, Waldo Butters from the Dresden Files. Because polka will never, ever die.

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